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5 reasons why nature in Australia is flourishing more beautifully than ever!

Australia's wildlife is insanely resilient. After the severe bushfires in 2020, native plants are germinating again and kangaroos, koalas and kookaburras are making their way back to the affected areas. The locals are very happy with this and can't wait to show it to everyone. Fortunately, with the opening of the borders, this is possible again. In this blog we share 5 facts about how Australia's nature and wildlife are recovering after the bushfires.

1. Native plants grow and flourish

Ash, smoke, rain and light from bushfires actually help many native plants grow and bloom better than ever before. This is because many Australian plants depend on fire to regenerate. The result? Beautifully rolling landscapes that become increasingly green.

2. Koalas get help

Local people have been able to take in and care for many injured koalas. Food stations have also been created so that koalas always have enough to eat. These wild animals are now slowly making their way back to the affected Australian forests.

More and more koalas can be spotted in the wild
© Ellena Mcguinness / Unsplash
Plants and trees are growing back
© TravelEssence

3. Rare plants grow back

Rare, native plants bloom in places in Australia where they hadn't been seen for years. For example, a rare plant, the Paracaleana Duck Orchid, has been spotted on Kangaroo Island after thirty years. These and other unique plants, which have since grown back, give nature a completely different appearance from before the fires.

4. Baby kangaroos are born

There is a real kangaroo baby boom going on. So there is a good chance that you will see little Joey's when you travel to Australia in the near future. Did you know that baby kangaroos are born after a pregnancy of about a month? These unique animals create new life all year round to further expand their pack.

5. Cockatoos, lories and kookaburras return

More and more Australian birds are finding their way back to the places they came from. The cheerful birdsong of cockatoos, lories and kookaburras will meet you in many places. With their bold appearance, these native birds add colour to the landscape.

Baby kangaroos are carried in the pouch by their mums
© Unsplash
The Paracaleana Duck Orchid plant can be seen again after thirty years
© Unsplash

Would you like to experience Australian nature yourself?

And spot wild animals? The locals will welcome you with open arms! We are happy to advise you on the best travel time, convenient routes and unique accommodations. Our travel specialists are ready to put together an unforgettable trip based on your wishes.

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