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Put your mark on the road less travelled

Bespoke holidays through Australia and New Zealand, as we locals love it

Where would you like to go?

Maybe both?

Whom shall you travel with?

Travel like you belong, not like you’re just passing through.

A holiday with A Journey DownUnder will transport you to the best of Australia and New Zealand. Comfortable flights so the time passes quickly. Authentically local small-scale accommodations, where welcoming hosts treat you like family. The chance to get off the beaten path and step into nature hardly touched by humans.

Think helicopter rides over rugged outback regions forbidden from the ground. Spotting the rare yellow-eyed penguin on the Caitlin Coast of South Island. Snorkelling the sparkling Ningaloo Reef, through coral gardens home to turtles, clown fish, and the occasional baby reef shark.

The chance to broaden your horizons is at your fingertips.
Let’s get started.

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Australia and New Zealand’s borders are opening early 2022.

We have entered a new era of travel. How can you make sure you're prepared? What will the border experience be like? Will covid impact your holiday? Everything you need to know is found here.

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Your travel specialist designs your holiday with first-hand, local knowledge.

Your travel specialist at A Journey DownUnder knows your pace, your interests, and your needs the best. Why? Because not only have we lived, travelled or worked extensively down under, we take the time to get to know you. Then we take care of every detail, so you can focus on relaxing, rejuvenating and reconnecting with yourself, your loved ones, and the world around you. Everything a holiday should be spent doing.

"When I started A Journey DownUnder, it was because I wanted people to experience travel Down Under as us locals love it."

Andrew Morten, Founder, New Zealander
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Hand-selected, unique & personal

Accommodation in Australia

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Hand-selected, unique & personal

Accommodation in New Zealand

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Tourism can be great for the environment. With us, you make a positive difference.

Let's accentuate the positive, reduce the negative and offset what's left.

Sustainability in action

You are unique. Your holiday should be too. That's why it's custom-made.

Meet our travel expert Ben

“What initially began as a three-week holiday to New Zealand, extended to three years of living and working in a country, which now feels like my second home."

Meet all our travel experts

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There is a difference between the mainstream and the carefully sought out; between local gems and tourist traps. Discover it for yourself on a virtual journey Down Under, guided by a specialist who travels there often.