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What is your dream holiday to Australia? Experience this awe-inspiring country together with your family. Explore bountiful nature. Have close encounters with unique and rare wildlife. Marvel at endless coastline and beaches. Spend lazy days by the beach. Or the pool. Experience an Aussie brekky in the heart of the Red Centre. Go island hopping. Sail away.

A well-organised family holiday.

We can help you make the most of your time in Australia. We understand that travelling as a family requires detailed planning and organisation to ensure you can have a relaxing holiday. We know because we have done it ourselves. More than once.

Gorgeous Beach Sunset | Australia family holiday
Australia is an ideal destination for a family holiday
Enjoy your own private pool | Australia family holiday
Soak up the Aussie lifestyle together with your family

Let's design your holiday together.

Whether you require a pram, car seats, easy access to cooking facilities, we will ensure you have everything you need. We can advise you on the best regions, scenic drives, climates and match you up with the most suitable hosts.

"We are an independent, owner-operated travel specialist, focused on ensuring that every family has their best possible journey to Australia."

Andrew Morten, Founder

What do you get from us?

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Tourism can be great for the environment, and, with us, you make a positive difference

Let's accentuate the positive, reduce the negative and offset what's left

Sustainability in action

When is the best travel time?

The best time to travel to Australia is anytime. Since the options are endless, we have listed 6 of our favourite places to visit together as a family and when to go. Let's discuss together when the best travel time is for your family.

Having fun on the rocks | Australia family holiday
Explore and discover the endless coastline of Australia
Perfect with kids | Australia holiday
We know the most ideal regions for families to visit and when to go

How long do I need in Australia?

It is absolutely impossible to see all of Australia at once. How long you and your family should spend in Australia, depends on how long you have. Therefore, you will need to decide which places you want to visit. Which time of the year would you like to go? What things would you like to do? We can help you to decide all of these important things.

Australia is huge with a large diversity of landscapes to discover
With over 10,000 beaches, Australia is an ideal holiday destination

What can I see and do?

Australia is a family-friendly destination with plenty of outdoor activities. Some things are as simple as watching the sunset over the Great Dividing Range to counting shooting stars. We have personally selected extraordinary local experiences in nature, for families.

Kids learning surfing | Australia family holiday
Learn how to surf at one of Australia's most famous beaches
Mission Beach sailing with the family | Australia family holiday
Sail the Whitsundays together with a local Aussie family

Where can I stay?

A well-organised journey with special accommodation. After we meet you and get to know you, we will then choose the best accommodation to suit your personality. Take a look at a selection of some of our favourite accommodation for families, from comfortable to luxury.

Experience a tree-house amidst the Australian bush
Stay at unique small-scale accommodations

How do I travel around?

We recommend discovering Australia by car. And we understand that as a family, it's important to spend less time in the car. That’s what makes Australia a perfect destination for families. You don’t need to spend hours in the car. Each region is filled with natural treasures, all waiting to be discovered.

Keep a lookout for Australian wildlife along the way
Stunning landscape | Australia nature
Get 'off the grid' in a 4WD

Flying to Australia

Start your dream family holiday with a relaxing flight. We offer specialised advice and arrange a relaxed travel schedule. And ask us about our exciting stopover locations for families. We have provided information about Premium Economy, First and Business Class.

How comfortable would you like to fly?

Select information that matches you
Enjoyable and comfortable flights | New Zealand holiday with kids
Flying with young kids? We can make sure it's an enjoyable experience
A stopover is a great way to break up the trip to Australia

Sample itineraries

Your holiday will be designed just for you, but to give you ideas of what’s possible, here you can find many suggestions. There are various themes with holidays from 3 to 7 weeks. You can change comfort levels, add activities and flights, or change your car to get an idea of prices. To start creating your best ever holiday, we suggest you contact us.

An local Australian guide kissing a kangaroo
Our local Aussie hosts love to share all their knowledge with you
What is your dream family holiday to Australia?

Why book with us?

We are Australian travel nerds. We believe small details lead to big differences. As locals, our aim is simple- to create with you, for you, your best holiday through Australia. When you get in touch you can start to experience our level of expertise and service. We take the time to do everything properly, which is why we don't need a complaints department. Experience the difference.

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As Australia and New Zealand travel specialists, we pride ourselves on providing you with personalised information and local knowledge. We can answer all of your questions in-depth when we sit down with you either in person or online.

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