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A bespoke holiday with your partner

Experience the natural beauty of Australia together

What is your dream holiday in Australia? Take a moment. Close your eyes and imagine. What do you see? Secluded beaches. Dolphins surfing the waves. Wide outback vistas. Vineyards and Aussie cuisine. Friendly locals. Wildlife.

Your dream journey to Australia filled with new experiences.

Would you like to travel with plenty of time to get to know the real Australia? Experience new adventures and create new memories together. Meet proud Aussies who love to show off their special part of the world, away from the beaten track. Enjoy time together away from your daily routine.

Our local knowledge makes the difference.

You know you, we know Australia. Everyone is different, thus, so is every trip we plan. Please tell us what you both love, and must have in your holiday. But, also, just as important, what you both don't want in your holiday. With our local knowledge and first hand experience, your journey together through Australia is quite likely to be the best holiday of your lives.

"We are an independent, owner-operated travel specialist, focused on ensuring that every couple has their best possible journey to Australia".

Andrew Morten, Founder

What do you get from us?

Soak up the outdoor Aussie lifestyle, together

When is the best travel time?

The best time to travel to Australia depends on your needs. What kinds of activities would you like to do there? Do you already have some places/ things to do on your bucket list?

Based on your wishes and desires, we can advise you on the best time to travel, the most suitable places and climate zones. And if you'd like to learn more, let's sit down together and discuss the best travel time.

Kakadu is an ideal destination to visit during the Australian winter
February and March is an ideal time to explore Mornington Peninsula

How long do I need in Australia?

Depending on how much time you have, will determine how long you should visit. Australia is a country of contrast. Therefore, there are endless things to see and do. It is impossible to see everything at once.

Based on your wishes and desires, we can advise you on which regions to visit, how long and when. We would love to meet you and discuss the possibilities.

Australia, so much to do and not enough time
With the sixth longest coastline in the world, there is plenty to discover

What can I see and do?

Discover an endless array of landscapes. Countless beaches. Mystical rainforests. The Outback. Cute native animals. Meet the friendly locals. Sample local wine. Go tropical island hopping. Witness the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. And more.

We have carefully selected environmentally-friendly and small-scale activities, from easy-going to adventurous. We would love to tell you more about them.

Savour culinary experiences in timeless landscapes
Enjoy a picnic and swim in pure nature

Where can I stay?

Experience genuine Australian hospitality in unique and carefully selected small-scale accommodations. An ecological estate, built on 625 hectares on the coast in which 97.5% remains untouched. A remote beach house. An award-winning eco-rainforest resort with unique treehouses. A chalet on a tropical island. And more.

After we meet you and get to know you, we will then choose the best accommodation to suit your personality. Take a look at a selection of some of our favourite accommodation for couples, from comfortable to luxury.

Sleep in style between the Aussie bush
Soak up the beauty of Australia in unique places

How do I travel around?

Australia features some of the best scenic drives in the world. A car gives you the flexibility to drive comfortably anywhere in the country, at a relaxed pace. Along the way, discover vibrant coastal towns. White-sand beaches. Untamed wilderness. Remote countryside. National parks. Small and charming country towns. And more.

Depending on your wishes, you may also need to take a domestic flight or two. Flying inside the country means, you will save time driving and therefore see more. We are happy to meet you at a time and place that suits you to discuss this further.

Discover places away from the mainstream
Get "off the grid" and experience the real Australia

Flying to Australia

You may have many questions about flying to the other side of the world. We will ensure that you travel to Australia in the most pleasurable way possible. With A-brand airlines that offer the highest comfort, service and the best flying schedules.

As an Australian travel specialist, we know the in and outs to provide you with the most suitable flight arrangements to Australia.

Relax and enjoy first-class hospitality
A stopover is a great way to break up your trip to Australia

Suggested journeys

Whilst your holiday will be designed just for you, here you can find a number of ideas and suggestions to give you some ideas of what’s possible. There are various themes with suggested itineraries ranging from 3 weeks. You can change accommodation comfort levels, add activities and flights or change your car to get an idea of prices whether you chose our comfortable holidays to our luxury holidays with all inclusions.

Marvel at Australia through the eyes of the locals
Visit the places other tourists didn't know existed

Do you have further questions?

As Australia and New Zealand travel specialists, we pride ourselves on providing you with personalised information and local knowledge. We can answer all of your questions in-depth when we sit down with you either in person or online.

But, in our 15 years of experience, we are often asked a few general questions from couples travelling to Australia. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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