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Working at A Journey DownUnder

''Once you start working at A Journey DownUnder, you will never leave. Just ask my colleagues. Just like the suppliers we work with, I select my employees with the greatest attention and care.

I am always looking for new talents who can relate to our philosophy and way of working (together). Travel enthusiasts with a personality that suits our company and our clients ''

A Journey DownUnder is unique. And stubborn.

There is no travel company to Down Under in the world that does what we do. We only work with small-scale suppliers and clients who have unique requirements.

The knowledge of people, the customer focus and the personal service that we ask of you, you only gain from your own experience. You don't learn that at a training course or at another travel agency; you learn that by travelling yourself. Preferably, Down Under.

Do you have a cheerful and pleasant personality, who ...

Then I would like to meet you. Let us know how you know us, why you like us so much and why we should choose you especially. You can send an email to


Working at A Journey DownUnder

Travel specialist

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