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Hi, I’m Andrew Morten, the founder of A Journey Downunder. I was born in New Zealand and have been at the forefront of unique travel through Australia and New Zealand for almost 30 years. A Journey DownUnder gives you the chance to experience the Down Under I fell in love with as a wide-eyed and free-spirited child.

"As a child, I spent much of my childhood in the bush, on the sea or hiking in the mountains"

Natural, beautiful, relaxed, rich in stories and steeped in cultures new and fascinating. Landscapes with indescribable magic. Oceans still blue and clear. Creatures weird and wonderful.

Travel, it’s supposed to be enlightening and enchanting, beautiful and magical. It’s why we do things the way we do them, a focus on people so that your Journey DownUnder is far far more than just what you see.

Andrew, recording a podcast about the essence of travel
Andrew, exploring his homeland, New Zealand

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