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A romantic tropical island escape in Fiji or The Cook Islands? Ignite your senses in bustling Singapore or Hong Kong? Capture some Balinese sunshine? Or go full throttle and reserve an around the world trip?

A stopover is an ideal opportunity to make your trip more enjoyable and exciting. It is a great way to break up your flights. Stay at a beautiful hotel. Take a refreshing swim in the pool or work out in the gym. Savour the local flavours. Spoil yourself with a massage. Or go and explore the local area.

We recommend staying one or two nights before continuing your journey. Of course, you can also stay longer if you would like. We can advise you on the best stopover location, depending on your interests.

Break up your flight with a stopover

Hong Kong

With more than seven million inhabitants, Hong Kong is a real metropolis that is definitely worth a visit. The city borders the South China Sea and is the heart of an area consisting of 236 islands. The city alone is so large that you can easily spend several days exploring it.

"My favourite stopover location is Hong Kong. It boasts old-fashioned Chinese neighbourhoods combined with a modern, Western influence."

Nicole, Travel specialist

The Cook Islands


Escape to a tropical paradise, the largest of the Cook Islands, Rarotonga. A gem located in the South Pacific, The Cook Islands is an archipelago of 15 islands which have been formed by volcanic activity and coral growth. Home to the international airport, the capital of the islands with the largest population, this place is sure to impress! With a circumference of 32-kilometres, you can easily get around the island by foot, bus or scooter.


The third-largest island of Cook Islands is Atiu, a 45-minute flight from Aitutaki and Rarotonga. The island is surrounded by a six-metre-high coral reef, the 'Makatea'. In the middle of the island is a 70-metre high hill with a flat top. Here, you can find five small villages; Teenui, Mapumai, Ngataierua, Areora and Tengatangi.

With only 400 inhabitants, a few cafés and minimal traffic, Atiu is a tropical paradise for explorers. The friendly local population lives primarily from agriculture and fishing. Drink a 'Bush Bear' with a local and exchange stories about your own country and customs. A birdwatchers heaven - the island is home to a variety of unique birds, such as the 'Kopeka Bird'.

Stunning Beach on Cook Islands | Stopover holiday Australia
Stopover in a tropical paradise


Fiji is a true paradise. Featuring turquoise lagoons, crystal clear water, sandy beaches and coral reefs. This tropical heaven is often referred to as the ‘Pearl of the South Sea’ and the world's friendliest paradise. Explore rainforest-covered mountains, lush tropical vegetation and picturesque villages.

Malolo Lailai is the third largest island and the most developed. It is the tourist centre of the Fiji islands and an ideal place to relax and enjoy. The underwater world around the islands is unique with beautiful coral formations, underwater tunnels and caves, and overgrown shipwrecks.

Fiji beach | Stopover holiday Australia
Lazy days in Fiji


Singapore, the best of South East Asia. A shopper’s paradise, this place is home to over five million people. A green, clean and safe city to visit with plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Singapore Airport is one of the best airports in the world, a world of its own with so much to see and do.

Exploring Singapore | Stopover Australia holiday
Experience a lightshow in Singapore


Bali has something to offer everyone. Culture, nature, relaxation and total tranquillity. A tropical paradise, an island with an ancient culture, lush nature and beaches. For beautiful nature, visit the national park, Bali Barat. Or explore rice fields and temples. An ideal location before you arrive at your dream destination.

Feel relaxed and renewed at your stopover destination

Would you like to learn more about stopover options? Feel free to contact us. We would love to share our local knowledge with you.

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