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Meet local Maori Mereana and Joe with your friends

Mereana and Joe’s lifestyle is guided by Kōrero tuku iho, the whispers of their ancestors. They invite you to become part of their Maori Whanau (family) and experience their way of life. Mereana, Joe and their guides live as ‘Tangata Whenua’, people of the land who are here to protect the environment and their culture.

Learn about their special connection with the land and have a better understanding of Maori culture. This experience is customised to suit the interests of you and your friends. Mereana and Joe have years of experience and knowledge of the area with special access to Maori tribes.

They will guide you to unique places, walking through the rainforest, collecting shellfish, hunting and fishing. Learn about their family tree and venture into the Waima Forest Ranges. This cultural experience is purely local and far away from mainstream tourism.

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