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A bespoke journey through New Zealand

Explore the North Island

Are you ready to roam beyond the ordinary? Start your dream journey here. Experience a fully bespoke holiday, created by us and enjoyed by you. Stay with local hosts who warmly welcome you to their homes, at unique and special locations. Take advantage of our local knowledge and visit the places, others didn't know existed.

We sit down with all of our clients to personally discuss your wants and needs. We plan and organise everything in detail to create your absolute dream holiday. Feel free to contact us to discuss your holiday plans. Or attend one of our live and informative presentations to learn more.

The North Island

Immerse yourself into the wonders of the North Island. A place with pristine coastlines, volcanos, farmland, national parks, geysers, high terrain, cosmopolitan cities, and rich in Maori culture. Go on a uniquely local journey and discover why the North Island is a dream destination for world travellers.

Along the way, discover the mystical Rotorua, the Art Deco scenery in Napier, New Zealand’s capital city, the golden beaches on the Coromandel Peninsula, New Zealand’s largest city, Auckland, and much more.

Why should you visit the North Island and not the South Island? Both islands offer spectacular nature, world-class wineries, beaches, and endless things to do and see. However, in the North Island the Maoritanga, the Maori way of life is very much alive.

It is where the vast majority of New Zealand’s Maori people reside and therefore, has a wealth of local culture to be uncovered. The North Island is also home to three-quarters of the country’s population which makes it a vibrant and interesting place with many things going on. The North Island is a true gem with all the ingredients to experience a trip of a lifetime.

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Watch traditional dances
Visit geothermal wonders
Discover the hidden gems of New Zealand

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