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Bespoke Journeys DownUnder

Australia and New Zealand holidays

What is your dream holiday Down Under? Connect with Indigenous guides. Explore ancient rainforests. Hike. Sample local flavours. Cycle through vineyards. Stay at unique locations with local hosts. Soak in natural hot springs. Swim in natural swimming pools. Have close encounters with native wildlife. Whatever your heart desires, the possibilities are endless.

Have close encounters with unique wildlife
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Get off the beaten track and discover the local gems

Australia and/or New Zealand?

Are you not sure which country to visit? Or have you already visited the other side of the world and would like to combine Australia and New Zealand in your next adventure? Whatever your situation, our travel specialists can answer all your questions.

Take advantage of our local knowledge

We know how to create a well-organised holiday Down Under because we have done it ourselves. More than once. We can offer advice from our first-hand experience. We create bespoke journeys, designed the way you want. Tell us what you want, and we will ensure your dream holiday becomes a reality.

Stunning landscape Wanaka region | New Zealand nature
Experience the natural beauty of New Zealand through the eyes of the locals
Be welcomed by friendly Aussies in wide open spaces
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A journey Down Under that is as unique as you are

At a relaxed pace, discover Down Under. Stay at small-scale accommodations with local hosts. Discover special places, where only the locals go. Connect and meet proud Aussie and Kiwis. Absorb the local lifestyle. A journey filled with unique experiences and lifelong memories.

What do you get from us?

Stay at unique, hand-selected accommodation
Our local hosts provide warm Kiwi hospitality
Enjoy Aussie and Kiwi hospitality from your local hosts

When is the best travel time?

The answer to this question depends on you. When can you go? How much time do you have? What things would you like to do? And which types of places would you like to visit. The best thing is for us to meet and discuss all of your questions to determine when the best travel time is for you.

New Zealand is a winter wonderland
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Discover Tropical North Queensland
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How long do I need?

Would you like to combine both Australia and New Zealand into one trip? Of course, this is possible. However, we reccommend a minimum of six weeks to combine both countries into one holiday. By spending a minimum of three weeks in each country means you really get to experience each place. Instead of blasting past all of the highlights at a breaking speed.

If you only have four weeks, we would recommend focusing on one country. But if you have more than six weeks, that’s great! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to experience the real and authentic Australia and New Zealand. Based on your wishes, we can advise you on which regions are most suitable for you.

Australia, a big land with endless opportunities
We recommend a minimum of 3 weeks to discover the North or South Island

Where will I stay?

An ecological estate, built on 625 hectares on the coast in which 97.5% remains untouched. A remote beach house. An award-winning eco-rainforest resort with unique treehouses. A chalet situated on a tropical island. A character-filled villa by a lake. And more.

We have carefully selected over 2000 small-scale accommodations

We have travelled throughout Australia and New Zealand and found the best value for money and the most exceptional hosts. We have carefully selected all of our small-scale accommodations. Our local Aussie and Kiwi hosts look forward to sharing their special part of the world with you.

At a relaxed pace, discover Australia and New Zealand

We recommend a slow travel pace. By staying at each place longer than a night, means you get to really experience your surroundings. No rush. No pressure. Just enjoying each place and exploring the local gems. Short drives between each location also mean more time for relaxing and absorbing the laidback lifestyle.

Unique accommodation nestled between the Aussie bush
Soak up New Zealand's nature in your outdoor bathtub

What can I see and do?

Active Australia

Let’s go! Be captivated by the postcard-picture perfect, Cape Tribulation on horseback. Learn to surf with locals. Go fishing. Swim with the world’s largest fish. Marvel at fascinating marine life as you kayak through Batemans Bay. Explore Brisbane by bike. And more.

Kayak in Mission Beach
Swimming with dolphins | New Zealand wildlife
Swim with wild dolphins

New Zealand, an outdoor haven

Explore the best hiking trails in the world. Kayak through untouched nature. Cycle from mountains to oceans. Catch a fish and cook it. Snorkel. Dive in the Pacific Ocean. Swim with dolphins. Climb a mountain. Learn the ‘haka’. Dart across rapid rivers. And more.

Learn how to fly fish in New Zealand
Hiking the Routeburn Track, Fiordland National Park
Hike and discover the natural beauty of New Zealand

Extraordinary activities in nature

We have personally selected extraordinary local experiences in nature. From authentic cultural experiences, wildlife encounters, meetings with the locals, kayaking, wine tours, cycling and sailing trips, sightseeing flights and more. Our focus is on nature conservation and small-scale locally owned companies.

Snorkeling in South Australia | Australia holiday
Have close encounters with Australian animals
Spot a Kiwi | New Zealand wildlife
Spot the elusive Kiwi
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How do I travel around?

We recommend travelling through Australia and New Zealand by car. Both countries feature some of the best scenic drives in the world. And a car gives you the freedom to travel to places a campervan cannot. At a relaxed place, discover the local gems, away from the mainstream.

Within Australia, depending on which regions you would like to visit, you may need to take a domestic flight (or more). Of course, you will also need to take a flight between Australia and New Zealand.

Be mesmerised by Australia's scenic drives
Driving through New Zealand | New Zealand holiday
With every turn of the road, New Zealand's landscape changes
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5 reasons why you should combine Australia and New Zealand into one trip

  • The travel distance between the two countries is relatively short, due to a good flight connection between the larger cities of both countries
  • Australia and New Zealand are both very suitable for a holiday, due to the safety of travel and the special highlights
  • Australia and New Zealand have different climates and therefore different flora and fauna. You will not find the enormous diversity of flora and fauna in just one of the countries
  • The countries have different Indigenous populations: the Aboriginal people of Australia and the Maori in New Zealand. By taking a holiday in both countries, you will learn about these two different and fascinating cultures
  • The nature in both countries differ. With a combined trip, you can experience each country and its beautiful natural phenomena. Such as volcanoes in New Zealand and the underwater world of Australia

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Do you have less than six weeks? No worries, take a look below for more information about Australia and New Zealand. And feel free to contact us if you have any further questions. We would love to talk about your dream journey Down Under.

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All the things you love

and none of the things you don't

Our local knowledge makes the difference for your bespoke holiday through New Zealand or Australia. Your Journey Down Under starts here.