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When are Australia’s borders opening?

While we are waiting patiently for Australia to announce the reopening of its borders, there has been much speculation made by the media which has led people to believe that they will not reopen till 2024.

While there is no definite date when Australia will open its borders fully to international travel, it is highly likely that vaccinated people from low-incidence areas will be welcome to enter the country as soon as Australians are fully vaccinated, this will be achieved by the end of the year.

Australian Ministers have also recently spoken about forming more travel bubbles after the Trans-Tasman bubble began last month. With the UK population almost fully vaccinated, it is logical that Australia will also form a bubble with the UK - much sooner than 2024.

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As data becomes available of countries reaching around 50% having had one vaccination, we see covid cases in Israel almost gone, the UK decreasing ever further and America also heading right down. Six months ago, no one had yet had a vaccination, thus things are changing fast and progressing quickly.

The indication of travel to Australia in 2024 is referring to when international travel is expected to be ‘back to normal', pre-covid time.

Airlines such as Qantas also plan to resume their international travel flights by the end of December 2021. The company remains positive and optimistic, while the Federal Government has mentioned that its timeline for significantly reopening its international borders is mid-2022, not 2024.

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