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Are you ready to turn your back on COVID-19 and travel again?

Recently, we have seen many positive new developments for the travel industry. Canada is reopening its borders on the 7th of September to fully vaccinated travellers. New Zealand's Prime Minister has also announced that the country plans to reopen the borders to fully vaccinated travellers from low-risk countries in early 2022. Australia has accelerated its vaccination program with almost 60% of the Australian population aged 16 years and over having now had their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Tired of holidays in your own backyard? It's time to go big in 2022!
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The Australian Prime Minister has reiterated that the country's plan is to learn to live with Covid-19 within the community once the 70% vaccination rate has been reached. It is expected that 80% of the population will be fully vaccinated by December 2021. This will take the country into 'Phase C' of the reopening plan, which will, therefore, trigger the gradual reopening of international borders.

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has mentioned countries with high vaccination rates such as the UK could be the first to join travel bubbles when Australia has reached sufficient coverage.

The New Zealand government is also preparing to speed up the country's Covid-19 vaccination program in preparation for a phased re-opening and is planning to reopen to international travel in 2022. Qantas has also recently announced the company is planning to resume international flights by December 2021, based on the current pace of the vaccination rollout.

Australia and New Zealand are preparing to reopen, are you ready too?

Meet the locals | Australia holiday
Our Aussie and Kiwi hosts cannot wait to welcome you back to their special part of the world
Our local hosts provide warm Kiwi hospitality
Take advantage of your hosts, local tips!

Be one of the first to greet Australia and New Zealand.

While Australia and New Zealand are busy getting ready for your arrival in 2022, we can start planning your dream holiday. Post Covid-19, travel has changed and it means we are looking for different factors while travelling. As well as our flexible booking options, here is what we can offer you:-

Bbq dinner | New Zealand holiday
Enjoy a barbecue (or two) with your local hosts
Australian BBQ in Barossa Valley | Australia holiday
Soak up the local lifestyle in nature
Feel as though, you have the whole country to yourself!

If you would like to travel to Australia and New Zealand, please feel free to contact us and discuss the possibilities. The borders may be closed now but they will open again. And when they do, our team of travel specialists are ready and will ensure that you are well taken care of, for the entire journey. From the moment we meet you, till the moment you arrive home safely.

Feel free to join one of our live and informative presentations to get inspired for your dream holiday in Australia or New Zealand.

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