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Suggested journeys to Australia

Australia is a country of contrast and is filled with endless natural wonders. Go on a journey and discover the beauty of the country through the eyes of the locals. At a relaxed place, marvel at the hidden gems, away from the mainstream. A beautiful country with so much to explore.

Discover some of our favourite journeys for solo travellers

Are you searching for a route filled with culture, nature and wildlife? The magical route between Sydney and… read more

Visit Australia's most captivating highlights

4 week adventurous journey through Australia

Would you like to meet the locals and stay with Aussie hosts? Well then, this trip is perfect for you. Stay at… read more

Experience the diversity of Australia

5 week holiday of the best of Australia

Would like to experience the melting pot of diversity in Australia? This trip is perfect for you. At a relaxed… read more

Discover the beauty of the East Coast of Australia

3 weeks in Tropical North Queensland

Would you like to discover some of the highlights and hidden gems found on the East Coast? Explore small coastal… read more

Explore Western Australia's rich flora and fauna

3 weeks along the South-west Coast of Australia

Would you like to discover a part of Australia, away from the mainstream? The South-west coast is filled with… read more

A road trip along the diverse East Coast of Australia

3 week journey for beach, nature and wine lovers

Are you ready to uncover the natural treasures along the East Coast of Australia? A perfect mix of city, nature,… read more

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