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Bespoke solo journeys in Australia

Fulfil your wanderlust in Australia, like you live there

What is your dream journey DownUnder? Have a close encounter with a koala. Camp in a ‘swag’ under the stars. Swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. Learn how to surf at one of Australia’s most famous beaches. Hike through national parks. Sample Aussie cuisine. Meet the locals.

Australia, a trip out of the ordinary.

Would you like a well-organised holiday to Australia? With the perfect balance of enough time for yourself. But also plenty of time to mingle with friendly locals and other travellers. A mix of short drives, authentic activities, unique small-scale accommodations, genuine Aussie hospitality and local experiences.

A bespoke journey that is as unique as you are.

Whatever you are looking for in a holiday down under, we have lots of things that we can recommend from our first-hand local experience. A holiday that allows you to step away from the mainstream. And experience Australia in a genuine way. Don’t be surprised if your hosts invite you over for an Aussie-style barbecue (or three)!

"We are an independent, owner-operated travel company, focused on ensuring that every solo traveller has their best possible journey to Australia".

Andrew Morten, Founder

What do you get from us?

Swimming and snorkelling with turtles in Queensland
Be enchanted by Australia's natural treasures

When is the best travel time?

Australia, a beautifully diverse country which is great to travel any time of the year. When can you go? What things would you like to do? Do you already have some places on your bucket list? Based on your wishes and desires, we can advise you on the best time to travel to Australia and the best regions to visit.

Since the options are endless, we have listed 4 of our favourite places to visit as a solo traveller. Because some journeys are best done alone. And if you'd like to learn more, let's sit down together and discuss the best travel time.

An Indigenous Guide shares his knowledge on a bush medicine walk
Learn more about the oldest living culture on the planet
A traditional Aboriginal 'Welcome ceremony' in Sydney
Experience a traditional Indigenous 'Welcome Ceremony'

How long do I need in Australia?

Australia is huge and it is absolutely impossible for you to see the whole country in one trip. Therefore, the question is ‘how long do you have?’ The more time you have means the more opportunities that are possible. And we highly recommend a minimum of three weeks to truly experience the essence of Australia.

Based on your wishes and desires, together with our local knowledge, we can advise you on which regions to visit, how long and when to go. We would love to meet you and discuss the possibilities.

A 3-day hiking adventure in the Grampians
The possibilities are endless in Australia
An local Australian guide kissing a kangaroo
Our Aussie hosts love to show off their country

What can I see and do?

Discover the diversity of Australia. Learn to shear a sheep. Surf with locals. Fish for barramundi. Cuddle a koala. Dive into the Great Barrier Reef. Swim with the world’s largest fish. Go shark cage diving. Hop into a 4WD. Based on your desires, together with our local knowledge and expertise, we will create a unique and one-of-a-kind holiday for you.

We have personally selected extraordinary local experiences. Our focus is on nature conservation and small-scale locally owned companies. Our activities range from easy-going to adventurous. We would love to tell you more about them.

A close encounter with dolphins in Mooloolaba, Queensland
Have close encounters with unique Australian wildlife
Get 'off the grid' in a 4WD together with a local guide
© A 4WD truck touring in the Outback

Where can I stay?

Whether you prefer to stay at a bed & breakfast with local hosts. A lodge nestled between an ancient rainforest. Or experience an Australian farm-stay. We have personally selected the best of the best. Staying with the locals, that’s the greatest way to see Australia.

After we meet you and get to know you, we will then choose the best accommodation to suit your personality. Take a look at a selection of some of our favourite accommodation for solo travellers, from comfortable to luxury.

Our local hosts look forward to welcoming you
Enjoy a barbeque with your hosts

How do I travel around?

We recommend travelling around Australia by car. Australia is the land of ‘road-trippin'. With world-class scenic drives, endless coastlines, ancient landscapes and rainforests, you won’t want to miss a thing! Discover the country at a relaxed pace. And with only a couple of hours between each location, means more time to relax and explore.

Depending on your wishes, you may also need to take a domestic flight or two. Flying inside the country means, you will save time driving and therefore see more. We are happy to meet you at a time and place that suits you to discuss this further.

Explore Australia's diverse landscapes with other travellers
Together with a group of international travellers, go deep into Australia

Flying to Australia

You may have many questions about flying to the other side of the world. We will ensure that you travel to Australia in the most pleasurable way possible. With A-brand airlines that offer the highest comfort, service and the best flying schedules.

As an Australian travel specialist, we know the in and outs to provide you with the most suitable flight arrangements to Australia.

Enjoy comfort and class on your way to Australia
A stopover is a great way to break up your journey to Australia

Suggested journeys

Whilst your holiday will be designed just for you, here you can find a number of ideas and suggestions to give you some ideas of what’s possible. There are various themes with suggested itineraries ranging from 3 weeks. You can change accommodation comfort levels, add activities and flights or change your car to get an idea of prices whether you chose our comfortable holidays to our luxury holidays with all inclusions.

Be mesmerised by the grand size and diversity of Australia
Discover the places other tourists didn't know about

Do you have further questions?

As Australia and New Zealand travel specialists, we pride ourselves on providing you with personalised information and local knowledge. We can answer all of your questions in-depth when we sit down with you either in person or online.

But, in our 15 years of experience, we are often asked a few general questions from solo travellers. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us.

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